Direct Deposit

SGV Postal Credit Union offers free Direct Deposit of recurring payments. With direct deposit, you can have any payment that is sent to you on a regular basis, deposited directly to your savings or checking account automatically. You won’t have to stand in deposit lines and you won’t have to worry about stolen or misplaced checks, or checks lost in the mail. With Direct Deposit, your money will be in your account waiting for you when you want it. It’s simple and efficient. Examples of recurring payments include:

• Social Security
• Civil Service Retirement
• Veteran’s Benefits
• Military retirement
• Company Paychecks (Check with your employer)

Payroll deduction is simple, convenient, safe, and free. When you sign up for payroll deduction, you designate a portion of your regular paycheck for deposit to any number of accounts you may have at the Credit Union. Pre-arranged amounts can go into your checking, savings, IRA, or Christmas club account, or be designated for a loan payment.

For more information on Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction, Call the Credit Union (626) 915-7854